Daily Racing Form/Triangle Champions

Year 2YO Male 2YO Filly 3YO Male 3YO Filly Handicap Male Handicap Female Turf Horse Sprinter Steeplechase Horse of the Year
1936 Pompoon Granville Discovery Myrtlewood Bushranger Granville
1937 Menow War Admiral Seabiscuit Jungle King War Admiral
1938 El Chico Inscoelda Stagehand Seabiscuit Marica Seabiscuit
1939 Bimelech Now What Challedon Unerring Kayak II Lady Maryland Challedon
1940 Our Boots Level Best Bimelech Challedon War Plumage Challedon
1941 Alsab Petrify Whirlaway Painted Veil Mioland Fairy Chant Speculate Whirlaway
1942 Count Fleet Askmenow Alsab Vagrancy Whirlaway Vagrancy Elkridge Whirlaway
1943 Platter Durazna Count Fleet Stefanita Market Wise, Devil Diver Mar-Kell Brother Jones Count Fleet
1944 Pavot Busher By Jimminy Twilight Tear Devil Diver Twilight Tear Rouge Dragon Twilight Tear
1945 Star Pilot Beaugay Fighting Step Busher Stymie Busher Mercator Busher
1946 Double Jay First Flight Assault Bridal Flower Armed Gallorette Elkridge Assault
1947 Citation Bewitch Phalanx But Why Not Armed But Why Not Polynesian War Battle Armed
1948 Blue Peter Myrtle Charm Citation Miss Request Citation Conniver Coaltown American Way Citation
1949 Hill Prince Bed o' Roses Capot Two Lea, Wistful Coaltown Bewitch Royal Governor, Delegate Trough Hill Capot
1950 Battlefield Aunt Jinny Hill Prince Next Move Noor Two Lea Sheilas Reward Oedipus Hill Prince
1951 Tom Fool Rose Jet Counterpoint Kiss Me Kate Hill Prince Bed o' Roses Sheilas Reward Oedipus Counterpoint
1952 Native Dancer Sweet Patootie One Count Real Delight Crafty Admiral Real Delight Tea-Maker Jam One Count
1953 Porterhouse Evening Out Native Dancer Grecian Queen Tom Fool Sickle's Image Iceberg II Tom Fool The Mast Tom Fool
1954 Nashua High Voltage High Gun Parlo Native Dancer Parlo Stan White Skies King Commander Native Dancer
1955 Needles Doubledogdare Nashua Misty Morn High Gun Misty Morn St. Vincent Berseem Neji Nashua
1956 Barbizon Leallah Needles Doubledogdare Swaps Blue Sparkler Career Boy Decathlon Shipboard Swaps
1957 Nadir Idun Bold Ruler Bayou Dedicate Pucker Up Round Table Decathlon Neji Bold Ruler
1958 First Landing Quill Tim Tam Idun Round Table Bornastar Round Table Bold Ruler Neji Round Table
1959 Warfare My Dear Girl Sword Dancer Royal Native Sword Dancer Tempted Round Table Intentionally Ancestor Sword Dancer
1960 Hail to Reason Bowl of Flowers Kelso Berlo Bald Eagle Royal Native Benguala Kelso
1961 Crimson Satan Cicada Carry Back Bowl of Flowers Kelso Airmans Guide T.V. Lark Peal Kelso
1962 Never Bend Smart Deb Jaipur Cicada Kelso Primonetta Barnabys Bluff Kelso
1963 Hurry to Market Tosmah Chateaugay Lamb Chop Kelso Cicada Mongo Amber Diver Kelso
1964 Bold Lad Queen Empress Northern Dancer Tosmah Kelso Tosmah Bon Nouvel Kelso
1965 Buckpasser Moccasin Tom Rolfe What a Treat Roman Brother Old Hat Parka Affectionately Bon Nouvel Roman Brother
1966 Successor Regal Gleam Buckpasser Lady Pitt Buckpasser Open Fire Assagai Impressive Mako Buckpasser
1967 Vitriolic Queen of the Stage Damascus Furl Sail Damascus Straight Deal Fort Marcy Dr. Fager Quick Pitch Damascus
1968 Top Knight Gallant Bloom Stage Door Johnny Dark Mirage Dr. Fager Gamely Dr. Fager Dr. Fager Bon Nouvel Dr. Fager
1969 Silent Screen Fast Attack Arts and Letters Gallant Bloom Arts and Letters Gallant Bloom Hawaii Ta Wee L'Escargot Arts and Letters
1970 Hoist the Flag Forward Gal Personality Office Queen Fort Marcy Shuvee Fort Marcy Ta Wee Top Bid Fort Marcy